I am Jen. I spend my days making art, squeezing in time with my seriously rad husband, family and friends, eating too much fruit and not enough protein, going to bed too late, trying my hardest to enjoy every season, and striving to make my life more about Jesus and less about me. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved making things. In elementary school I remember skipping recess so I could finish my art projects; in middle school I wanted to be a fashion designer; in high school my favorite class was photography; and in art college it took me a year to pick a major because I wanted to do everything. I ended up majoring in textile design and fine arts and loved every second of it. 

A couple years ago I stumbled across the beautiful world of hand-lettering and have been obsessed ever since. There is something so compelling about the combination of words, color, texture, and aesthetics. I love it almost as much as I love flowers, leaves, petals, and vines. Floral all day, every day, on everything, please and thank you. 


I create carefully hand-painted, illustrated, and lettered designs. I love working on custom paintings and invitation suites. Each year, I take on a limited amount of projects so I can give my full attention to crafting your piece. Hand-mixed colors, delicate florals, elegant lettering, and subtle texture are all things I pour my heart and soul into. I love the process of collaborating with my clients: working to create something meaningful that represents your unique vision is the best part of owning my own business.